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李君毅.Lee Chun-Yi

李君毅 lee chun-yi (1965-)


心印山水   詩畫交融




Mind's Landscape with Poetry in Painting

Born in Taiwan, Lee Chun-Yi settled in Hong Kong since 1970. He graduated from the Chinese University of Hong Kong and the Graduate School of Fine Arts of Tunghai University, Taiwan. He earned his PhD of Chinese art history at the Arizona State University. Lee was a post-doctoral fellow at the Phoenix Art Museum and currently teaches at the National Taiwan Normal University.

Lee Chun-Yi is known for his well-knitted stamp works. He uses a small piece of cork to stamp spots within each square of the grid to compose his painting, sometimes stamping a square repeatedly to create a darker tone; his paintings thus are done with ink and paper but with a stamp rather than a brush. This deliberate process derives from ancient Chinese stone rubbing. Lee mastered traditional brush and ink as well as Western techniques before specializing in contemporary Chinese ink painting. Since his youth, he has been deeply interested in Han stelae, classic reference, literati ideals. The fusion of poetry, painting, and calligraphy coalesce most completely in the current work. 

Lee has held solo exhibitions in London, New York, Toronto, Beijing, Hong Kong and Taipei. His works are in the collections of Ashmolean Museum of Oxford University, Arthur M. Sackler Museum of Harvard University, Asian Art Museum of San Francisco, Norton Museum of Art of West Palm Beach, and Phoenix Art Museum, Hong Kong Museum of Art, Jiangsu Art Museum, Qingdao Art Museum, etc.


展覽 Exhibitions

2015    《絕對合理》 Ink Asia 水墨藝博,香港    
2015    《水墨格新》 Art Taipei 台北藝術博覽會,台北,台灣
2014    《水墨格新》 李君毅創作展,名山藝術 Mingshan Art,台北,台灣
2013    《水墨薪傳》 劉國松 李君毅聯展,名山藝術  Mingshan Art,台北,台灣
2012    《水墨:中國藝術》,Saatchi Gallery,倫敦,英國
2011    百花齊放:李君毅畫展》,Michael Goedhuis,倫敦, 英國
2010    《山韻.松籟:李君毅的水墨畫,Chinese Porcelain Company,紐約,美國
2000    《字娛:李君毅畫展》,漢雅軒 Hanart TZ Gallery,香港
1999    《世紀.四紀:李君毅的繪畫》,沙田與屯門大會堂展覽廳,香港
1997    《李君毅吶喊山水,羲之堂畫廊,台北,台灣
1994    李君毅畫展,多倫多博藝文舍,加拿大
1991    李君毅畫展,中央美術學院畫廊,北京,中國
1989    李君毅水墨畫展,台中市立文化中心,台中, 台灣
1989    李君毅水墨畫展,三原色藝術中心,台北,台灣


典藏 Public Colletions

香港藝術館 (Hong Kong Museum of Art, Hong Kong)
中國江蘇省美術館 (Jiangsu Art Museum, China)
中國青島市美術館 (Qingdao Art Museum, China)
中國山東博物館 (Shandong Museum, China)
台灣國立藝術教育館 (National Taiwan Arts Education Center, Taiwan)
英國牛津大學愛殊慕蓮博物館  (Ashmolean Museum, Oxford, England)
美國哈佛大學薩克勒博物館 (Harvard Art Museums-Arthur M. Sackler Museum, USA)
美國舊金山亞洲藝術博物館 (Asian Art Museum of San Francisco, USA)
美國鳳凰城美術館 (Phoenix Art Museum, Arizona, USA)
美國俄勒岡大學舒尼澤博物館 (Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art, Oregon, USA)
美國佛羅里達諾頓博物館 (Norton Museum of Art, Florida, USA)


藝評 Critics

〈先求異,再求好——李君毅的藝術創作〉  文/劉國松
〈李君毅和中國水墨畫的新傳統〉  文/李鑄晉
〈異樣山水.遠觀「神奇」:評李君毅水墨展〉 文/鄭乃銘
〈人文與自然的經緯線〉 文/陸蓉之
〈李君毅作品解讀〉 文/陳履生
國立藝術教育館《典藏目錄5》節錄  文/姜一涵
《大墩文化》節錄  文/李振明
《山韻.松籟:李君毅的水墨畫》序文節錄  文/毛瑞
〈毛澤東詩文畫面轉現:李君毅的山水畫〉  文/陳丹妮
Introduction to “Whispering Pines, Soaring Mountains: Ink Paintings by Lee Chun-yi”  by Robert D. Mowry



[ 2015.05 ] 《後殖民的藝術探索:李君毅的現代水墨畫創作 》出版
[ 2015.03 ] 《文人政事》第422集 李君毅用軟木塞印拓 方格中寓意水墨詩畫 文/宏觀電視台
[ 2014.12 ]   水墨新技 來看李君毅畫展 文/自由時報